• Putting together the background for the 1793 Bristol Bridge Riot. I have used a picture of the Bristol Bridge actually drawn in the year of the riot and I have reversed another docks illustration to reflect the bend of the river. I love construction!

  • Working on a composition for a slimmed down version of the Queen Square Riot. I have lifted the horseman on the left directly from a newspaper illustration of the Peterloo Massacre in 1819...

The Creative Process

I draw figures with pencil and then I arrange them together, before inking them with pigment marker when the composition is complete. These line drawings are scanned and turned into digital files, which I colour using Photoshop. 

I spend time gathering information about clothes, armour, architecture and weapons leading up to starting a picture. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the process. I find most of these images in old books and I love hunting them down. My favourite second-hand bookshops in Bristol are Dreadnought Books on St George's Road, the Oxfam Bookshop on Park Street and the Amnesty International Bookshop on Gloucester Road.

Since initially just producing Giclee prints I have gone on to produce A5 greetings cards, A4 sticker sheets, A3 colouring sheets and jigsaw puzzles. As of 2022 I am also producing illustrations for a colouring book and a book on the development of armour over a 400 year period.

In 2018 my Queen Square riot picture one a category for the Bristol Pound competition and the image was printed on the £1 Bristol Pound note. I have a small stash of these to show people as they are no longer in circulation...