• Putting together the background for the 1793 Bristol Bridge Riot. I have used a picture of the Bristol Bridge actually drawn in the year of the riot and I have reversed another docks illustration to reflect the bend of the river. I love construction!

  • Working on a composition for a slimmed down version of the Queen Square Riot. I have lifted the horseman on the left directly from a newspaper illustration of the Peterloo Massacre in 1819...

The Creative Process

I use pencil to draw the original images and then I ink them with pigment markers. Then I will either paint them using paint pens or I will colour them digitally, depending on what the customer wants. I use thick 340 GSM Cartridge paper as it needs to be able to soak up 3 layers of paint without warping or bending.

I spend time gathering information about clothes, armour, architecture and weapons leading up to starting a picture. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the process. I find most of these images in old books and I love hunting them down. My favourite second-hand bookshops are Dreadnought Books on St George's Road, the Oxfam Bookshop on Park Street and the Amnesty International Bookshop on Gloucester Road, all in Bristol.

I draw on tracing paper and start by drawing individual figures. Then I arrange a series of figures along a plane (on a single line). After I have got several series of figures, I start to arrange them together, by sliding the tracing paper images over the top of one another, to see where things fit best.

Bristol Pound Interview June 2018

I was interviewed by the Bristol Pound as one of the 2018 note winning designers. I spoke about my inspirations, my technique and my hopes for the future. Click on the following link to read the interview...

Bristol Pound Interview June 2018 - Click here for link